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R A W   C O L O R S

Colors are an endless material for experiments and a wonderful source of creativity. Working for a year in this particular field, I couldn’t be more thrilled when I deepened my researches about natural dyes and ended up on Raw Color's website, scrolling through their fascinating portfolio (Remember them ? we already posted about them a few months ago).
- Chloe

This singular Dutch duo operate in their Eindhoven studio, putting their interest into the treatment of colour and material and mixing the fields of graphic design and photography.
Their research on vegetable pigments are so far my favorites. The two designers explored the various possibilities offered by natural pigments through different projects like Raw Textile, a serie of naturally hand dyed silk scarves. By using old dyeing techniques and vegetables pigments, they created a palette of 18 unique shades presented into a big bright gradient.

See more about the Raw Textile project here.

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