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Working as a graphic designer and colorist in the kids fashion industry, there’s some seasonal rendez-vous one cannot miss. The Playtime Paris Fair is one of them, and I sure wait for it with excitement twice a year. This meeting of the best of kids fashion is a great opportunity to meet brands actors, discover newcomers, start collaborations with great graphic designers and illustrators, and get the mood of the upcoming season.
This spring-summer edition was no exception and revealed the S/S 15 beautiful and inspiring collections of worldwide designers. I have to confess that my heart mostly (and unsurprisingly) goes to scandinavian names along with some other Belgian and Dutch brands, but I also have my favorite Parisian and Spanish companies.
I wont reveal here what’s precisely in store for next summer as this stays quite confidential, but I’ll give you a little round up of my little favorites and will keep you posted for more.
Read more here.
- Chloe

Soft Gallery - a beautiful, fresh and cosy collection that showcases the usual animal themes cherished by the brand with a lovely touch of onirism and melancholy.
GRO Company - From Seed to Sprout - The young Dannish brand creates simple and everyday-life designed clothes that will accompany the children throughout the wonderful journey of their growth. The GRO line was designed for kids (boys and girls) from newborn to 10. This collection is followed by the SPROUT line made exclusively for between girls and that focuses on creativity and on the beautiful and tenuous stage between childhood and teenage years. I love their poetic concept and their efficient design.
Christina Rohde - I recently discovered the work of Christina Rohde via Pinterest and was instantly seduced. Established for about a decade, the brand creates classic and refined styles that mix patterns and textures with taste while remaining adapted to the kiddos life, allowing them to jump, run, dance… well to actually BE kids.
Gold Belgium - Although Liz Cormelis and Dirk Goossens - the two Belgian designers behind Gold - work for years in the specific field of Kids Fashion, their last collection was a kind of revelation for me. Their pieces are a delightful combo of simplicity, elegance and refinement with a particular attention brought to details and quality. I like their soft patterns, comfortable fabrics and outfits.
Kidscase - Well, this is one of my must have when it comes to classics. Kidscase creates tranquil, versatile and fashionforward baby and children’s clothes for boys and girls up to 11. Inspired by street and sportswear, their designs are simple yet refined. I like the way they mix colors in their fine stripped patterns and the softness of their fabrics.
Oh My Kids - Oh My Kids is a small Belgian label created by Leez Vanbroekhoven. All garments are handmade and handprinted which makes every pieces unique. The entire SS15 line is very modern, clean and graphic with a straight conceptual look. I also like a lot her well-thought visual identity.
BoboChoses - No need to say much about them as their succes has long grown international. Naive, playful and imaginative artworks and patterns, beautiful color schemes, cosy and relaxed designs are the cornerstone of the brand and remains effective in their upcoming collection. Their poetic clothes definitely speaks childrens language.
Nobodinoz - A very beautiful and charming line is yet to come at Nobodinoz. I like the fun mascotes and patterns, their playful strippes and retro accents. A very sweet surprise with this SS15 line.
April Shower by Polder - Here’s the point where I get a little chauvinistic. Yes, I unconditionnaly love EVERY SINGLE PIECES the two Parisian designers created for this SS15 collection. I would describe their style as Minimal Folk. Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Nathalie Vodegel, the two sisters behind the brand, designs elegant and simple clothes for both women and little girls from age 4 to 14. Their shapes are very pure and all the focus is brought to handmade details, well chosen prints and materials as well as strong and visual color schemes. I simply love them.
Antik Batik - In a more radical way, the Bohemian Chic Antik Batik also offers gorgeous folk inspired clothes for both women and girls. Each pieces is a real jewel of artisanry, richly adorned with handmade embroideries and printed with the traditional technique of Batik or simply hand-dyed.
Soeurs - Maybe it’s because I could easily adopt every single pieces designed by the two French sisters that I always go crazy for Soeur collections. Soeur dresses young girls from age 10 to 18 focusing on the needs of this tricky target that begins to leave childhood and starts to look like grown up persons. Their style oscillates between folk and “bobo” (the french word used to describe the easy-going style and values of the new-bourgeois) with a touch of romantism and some vintage accents.

Well, I could endlessly talk about all the wonders I found during this 2014 Playtime edition but I will end my little round up here. Be sure to check out the websites links for more informations and images about the brands I mentioned.
Working a lot at the moment here at Norden and preparing a well-deserved summer break. Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!

How cute are those traditional Portuguese baskets? Those babies are made with love in the pure tradition of Abel’s family who proudly perpetuates the heritage of the great grandfather, José, who started this basket-weaving business back in the days. Originally, these reed baskets were created to carry goods from the market place or the farmers meals to  the orchards. They were sturdy and made to last, which quickly built their reputation through out the country and made them become part of the Portuguese culture.
The baskets are still made by hand using the traditional weaving techniques passed by the Abel great grand-father and can be purchased via Etsy.
See more here and visit Tonio Abel’s website here.
- Chloe

I like the latest products of Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer. Her last series was launched a few months ago at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and showcased a range of graphic weaves with 3D effects that gives the entire collection a very tactile and appealing look.
The LIL + LILA set of two woven placemates is so far my favorite. Engelgeer used very soft and neutral hues here - pastel tones and greys - underlined by a touch of copper and orange neon that gives a nice twist to the pieces.
The designer worked closely with TextileLab in Tilburg to experiment new innovative woven techniques and bring a very sculptural dimension to her work, focusing on the concepts of texture and touch.
See more here.
- Chloe

Experimenting some new stuffs, having a blast doing what I love everyday!
Hope you’re having a great week-end so far, see you next week!
Tiger Pillow
Hand painted pillow case - Chloé Chapeaublanc for Norden

Have you heard about Olli, a luxury crafts company based in San Francisco? The studio was created in 2010 by Joanne Zorkendorfer, a New-Zealand designer who has made her home in SF. Joanne’s passion for travels and crafts is beautifully embodied by her products that honor the technique and traditions of craftspeople from all over the world. They are a tasty combo of contemporary design and traditional influences, mixing handmade patterns and modern shapes. Her first series includes to-die-for loungers and pillows inspired by the embroidery style of a collective of women artisans originated from the hidalgo region of Mexico. Each lounger is hand embroidered with a cotton thread and specially designed for each client. Delightful.
See more here.
- Chloe

London based Product Designer Mathias Hahn is kind of a multi-talented man. Working in the fields of industrial design, product development, art direction and consulting trough to experimental design, the artist built a very personal and complete approach of design, focusing on use and functionality and putting intuition and innovative curiosity at the core of his work. As a result, his products remain faithful to minimalism and sophisticated simplicity. I definitly like it.
Here’s what Mathias says about his last serie of kitchen utensils called Runcible:
"These Runcible utensils are a set of kitchen equipment made from solid hard maple, a material traditionally used for this kind of product. The choice of items is driven by the idea to concentrate on the most essential and also versatile typologies that are related to preparing and serving food. Eventhough each single piece represents a familiar archetype, these are not limited to one specific task. They are rather blanks that stand for a type of application but allow for individual use. In this sense their attributes are depending on interpretation."
See more here.
- Chloe

Lee Coren is an Israeli designer based in Jaffa. Her sensitive and poetic work unfolds around the concept of travel, whether literal or abstract. Her minimal designs are inspired by the melding of urban surroundings and dreamy escapism. She mixes handmade patterns and digital prints with talent, creating a very modern and sophisticated universe.
Find her last collection on her website.
And see more here.
- Chloe

I like Charlotte Trounce's new wrapping papers for WRAP! Mainly inspired by tropical landscapes, her lovely patterns are refreshing, bright and so typical of her relaxed and charming style. Love it!
See more here and buy Charlotte’s Wrapping paper here.
- Chloe

How come did I miss the launch of this little nugget of Scandinavian culture? OAK is a bi-annual magazine with an international reach founded by Anne Riis and Laura Terp Hansen. The publication is a beautiful and poetic immersion into Nordic culture, food and design with a focus on the lifestyle and the people involved. I like the words editor Marie Graunbol chose to describe what OAK is all about :
“Oak is a tribute to the beautiful, open, and welcoming Scandinavia that we’ve inherited from previous generations.  A heritage that obliges, not least when we remember the summers when the sea expanded outwards before us and connected us to the rest of the world, the birches that stood tall and straight and whispered seductively that anything was possible, and the berries whose sweetness we yearned for all through the dusky winter months.”

Can’t wait to discover more about OAK!
See more here.
- Chloe

Johanna Tagada
is a French abstract painter and interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin (she shares a home studio with her boyfriend who also happens to be a very talented artist). I recently discovered her work through a fvf interview, and was instantly charmed by her unique and very personal sense of color.

Her palettes are kind of sensitive, generating a variety of emotions and authentic feelings. She takes her inspiration from her relationship with daily life and ordinary things, which is something truly beautiful and so darn poetic to me.
Johanna works across various mediums such as painting, drawing, writing, pattern design, textiles, photography and publishing. She also has an online shop called Bonjour Supermarket through which she sales her own products and invites other creatives to showcase their work.
See more here.
- Chloe